Taxation - Asset Engineering

Taxation of businesses

  • Tax management of SMEs and groups of SMEs:
    VAT, corporation tax, payroll tax, local taxes: assistance with solving common corporate tax issues (in particular, taxation of financing, intra-group flows with or without an external element, special VAT regimes with or without a foreign element, issues relating to permanent establishments)
  • Growth support:
    tax advice in relation to restructuring operations (mergers, partial mergers, asset disposals), preparation for disposal / acquisition (reorganisation prior to disposal / acquisition, vendor / purchaser due diligence), acquisition financing.
  • Advice with the implementation of a managerial profit-sharing policy
    (free shares, business creator share subscription warrants, stock options).
  • Assistance with a tax inspection:
    during the inspection, during the rectification procedure, hierarchical appeal [Translator’s note: form of appeal before the French administrative courts], referral to commissions, and litigation if necessary. Special expertise in negotiation (implementation of mediation and crisis communication techniques)

Taxation of individuals

  • Taxation of the head of the business: the organisation of business and private assets with mitigation of risk in the context of defining and implementing asset strategy, notably including:
    • Advice on strategy for transmission to children / grandchildren,
    • Advice with contemplated acquisitions or sales.
    • Advice with the choice of location of the business vehicle structures.
  • Taxation of managers:
    advice on takeover projects, choice of investment vehicle, transmission, international aspects.
  • Taxation of wealth:
    advice on compliance of accounts held abroad.
  • Assistance with tax inspections:
    at all stages of the procedure, with special expertise in negotiation (implementation of mediation and crisis communication techniques).