Internet – Platforms – Digital communications


  • Websites, e-commerce, web platforms and collaborative economy (rules and regulations)
  • Media and social networks
  • Electronic communications, direct marketing, digital marketing and digital communications, online advertising and advertising networks
  • General terms and conditions (general terms and conditions of use, general terms and conditions of sale, general terms and conditions of service, etc.) and legal information
  • Personal data protection : data protection policy (or confidentiality policy), cookie management (consent management module, cookie policy, etc.)
  • Website audits, validation of account creation / order / … processes, mandatory information and boxes to tick
  • Intellectual Property on the web: protection and security of the website and its attributes (copyright, trademarks, etc.), domain name management, etc.
  • Management and protection of e-reputation
  • Internet pre-litigation and litigation: liability of publishers/hosts/access providers, requests for identification or removal of content, litigation relating to press law, audiovisual law and domain names, unfair competition and parasitism, counterfeiting on the internet

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