Corporate - Private Equity - M&A

M & A

  • Legal and asset engineering of M&A operations
  • Purchase and sale due diligence
  • Disposals and acquisitions of majority or minority interests
  • Acquisitions and disposals of assets
  • Group restructuring
  • Company mergers through the exchange of securities(mergers/securities contributions etc.)
  • Drafting and negotiation of letters of intent, acquisition heads of terms, liability warranties, shareholders’ agreements, etc.
  • Acquisition financing
  • Post-closing legal support for the acquisition holding company and/or the target group

Private Equity

  • Investor due diligence
  • Venture capital & Corporate Venture
  • Development capital
  • Capital transfer (LBO, OBO, MBO, MBI etc..)
  • Drafting and negotiation of letters of intent, investment protocols, securities issuance contracts (convertible bonds, bonds redeemable into shares, preference shares, share subscription warrants etc.), shareholders’ agreements etc.
  • Equity compensation schemes and management packages (business creator share subscription warrants, preference shares, golden parachutes etc.)
  • Drafting of corporate investment documentation (articles of association, collective decisions, etc.)
  • Post-closing legal support for the target group

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