Corporate - M&A

Corporate – M & A

We support companies, their partners and their management teams, advising and handling all their day-to-day corporate law issues, as well as more complex restructuring and external growth operations, in particular:

  • Creation of companies (choice of corporate form – drafting of by-laws and all necessary legal documentation)
  • Organization of relations between partners (negotiation and drafting of partnership agreements)
  • Corporate life (collective decisions, amendments to articles of association, change of directors, etc.)
  • Support for corporate groups (intra-group agreements, contributions, mergers, demergers, etc.)
  • Legal and tax engineering for M&A transactions
  • Conducting due diligence and VDD
  • External growth operations by acquiring majority or minority stakes, exchanging shares or acquiring assets (business lines, business capital, etc.).
  • Drafting and negotiation of legal documentation (letter of intent, acquisition protocol, asset and liability warranties, etc.)

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